Tuesday, August 24, 2010


On September 8TH..I will be celebrating my 2ND chance craniversary. It's hard to believe that almost 2 years have flown by. So much has happened in that span of time.

What I want to do with this blog entry, is to share some of the highlights of the past 2 years. Prior to being diagnosed with my brain tumor...I joined a group called "Living The Truth." It started with a vision from Dr. Keith Ablow...who is a renowned psychiatrist. His philosophy is that everyone has a story. Everything you need to know about yourself is already deep inside of you. That is what he calls our hidden or buried treasure. I also wear a key...that was originally a key chain...that I put on a chain and wear it around my neck. It is quite the conversation piece.
Besides that...it's beautiful.

Along my journey..I have met many wonderful people on this site. We also have a place where we can have a blog...that's where Brenda's Brainstorm was born...An Inspiration Out Of The Blue.

I also met one person in particular on this site..who has become such a great friend to me. He has been one of my greatest supporters...not only in my writings, but also keeps me laughing and encourages me every step of the way.

I am talking about Rich Woods. He was there for me...before, during and after my brain surgery. I always tell him...thanks for always being there.

We both like to read...and he recommended some awesome books...while I was recovering.

After a while...I realized, I wasn't handling all this recovery so well. I joined another wonderful support group....Meningioma Mommas. How great to actually join a group with the same name as my brain tumor? I want to thank Liz Holzemer for having the courage to start such a great place to go...for people who just *GET IT.*

Rich was very supportive of me joining this group. It has been a real blessing and a great help to me. I have made some wonderful friends there as well. It was there...that I was encouraged to move my blogs to here...so that more people could read them.

Rich wanted very much to start an Internet show. As I am writing this..."UnLearn The Show"...has now been on the Internet...every Tuesday night for well over a year now. Their viewership has been phenomenal!

The neat thing about this is... that Rich invited me to be a part of something that was important to him. I was really glad...that he included me in this.

He has a co-host...Tony, who has been a great addition...which has now become "UnLearn The Show with Rich & Tony." It's a socio/political satire. They make fun of everybody...but he is especially hard on the self-help industry.

Rich's wife Jane, is the producer...and she does a fantastic job each week..keeping everything organized and running smoothly. I keep reminding Rich...that without her...there would be no show. hahaha! She is also beautiful and very talented.

You can also chat along while watching the show. How cool is that? It airs every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.  EST.  http://www.unlearn.tv./

Be prepared to laugh...it has truly become my weekly therapy. As they say..."Laughter Is The Best Medicine."

The reason I am plugging Rich's show...is because for Christmas...Meningioma Mommas sold cook books. Not only did they purchase one...but they went one step further...one week they featured a recipe on their show. Thanks, for all the exposure you have given Meningioma Mommas. I have lost count how many times, we have been plugged.

Another thing Rich asked me to do was to write a tandem blog with him. I was truly blown away.
It was about our personal feelings regarding the self-help industry or as he refers to it, the self-hurt industry. His was called Self-Help, Truth & Consequences and mine was Helping or Hurting. It was a lot of fun...to be asked to join him in this project.

I am going to do another plug. Rich has written a book.."UnLearn! Because Life Can Make You Stupid." It is full of common sense period. He has also just finished writing another book...which will be published very soon...of this I am sure. He is a fantastic writer!

It has really been a pleasure sharing this with you. Rich...our friendship has been an investment that has come back to me...in dividends so many times. Thanks for always being there and for being my friend!