Thursday, April 22, 2010

SERIOUSLY...WHAT'S UP DOC? many of you know, I am a BT survivor. I have been dealing with real bad bouts of nausea for quite sometime. I was told by my PCP the other my annual physical, that it may just be something, I will have to live with for the rest of my life. That would be fine, except for the fact that it would be nice to be able to learn how to cope.

This week was to be a much needed vacation for me...instead it ended up being jammed packed with doctor's appointments. I now have a new problem! Surprise! It seems never ending for me. If I sound a bit are right, only I am beyond that stage I am angry!

You see...about 3 months ago, I ended up having problems with my hands..the left being worse than the right. I also battle Rheumatoid Arthritis, so I just thought maybe it was something that would last a few days then leave. Guess what folks...this one is not leaving. Turns out I have the start of carpal tunnel syndrome. Why must everything be a syndrome? Sounds so me.

They did a little exercise to determine and sure enough, I failed with flying colors. I saw my rheumatologist and he referred me back to that neurologist...that I absolutely can't stand...he, being the one I saw prior to my brain surgery. I have to have an EMG...which will determine how bad my carpal tunnel actually is. I will tell you...I get numb most every night and wake up not being able to do the simplest things. If it is bad enough...they will probably have to inject...which I have no problem with...provided, it would get better.

The real kicker is...I can't have this test until May 19TH! That's nearly a month away. In the meantime, I have to continue my duties at work, etc.

The reason I entitled this particular blog using "What's Up Doc?" is the fact that my Mom recently just finished making 2 caps for me to wear at night..for the awful head pain I sometimes experience. It actually is made out of material with that beloved cartoon character...Bugs Bunny. It's blue and he is dressed up as a doctor...with his carrot of course. She had enough material for that I can keep one at each place. That way, there is never any danger of me forgetting to pack...when I stay with her on weekends. Imagine me...forgetting anything? HA!

So I had my blood tests...not all have come back yet. I have been told that in one month...he wants to hear, that I have been walking 30 minutes a day. I live in ND mind you...not the warmest state to be walking all the time. He also says that exercising more... in addition to walking, could help my fatigue.

Now just let me ask you this? If you are so tired in the morning...that you can hardly get out of in the world can you perform this miracle? I am here to tell you...that I will give it my best I do everything else.

In the meantime...I would really like to be let in on the mystery...of all of these pesky medical problems...that keep showing up.

So I ask you again...Seriously...What's Up Doc?