Sunday, February 13, 2011


"Brenda's Brainstorm" is adding a new addition this year...and that's where I come in. 

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Trevor a lovable Golden Retriever...who stands about 3 feet high and has the most expressive brown eyes you will ever see.  I am a beautiful brownish tan with a nice shiny coat.

Brenda's Mom, made me a collar that any dog would be proud to wear.  It's purple, representing Meningioma awareness with 2 dog bone charms and a T on each side representing my work, "Trevor's Tales".  The ribbon is really cool...because Brenda's mom had that in her sewing collection from Brenda's sister who died of colon cancer.  I am so dog gone proud to be wearing this and helping her great cause of bringing Meningiomas to the forefront.

I keep a close eye on Brenda every she has had some tough battles to get through lately. 

As some of you know...Brenda was staying at her Mom's apartment recovering from her carpal tunnel surgeries.  She is doing very can hardly see the scars at all. 

Anyway...recently, Brenda was checking in on her Mom like she always does before she heads for work and asked if everything was alright?  When all of a sudden Brenda noticed that her Mom was having problems breathing.  She picked up the phone and called 911.

I am so dog gone proud of how she handled everything.  Not once...did she lose her cool.  She kept reassuring her Mom, that everything would be alright.  The Third Watch showed up and starting giving her she was having trouble breathing.

I stayed behind...but Brenda went along in the ambulance to the hospital.  She told me later...that everyone was great about explaining what was going she had a lot of questions. 

So they took Brenda's Mom to the ER...where the doctor came to talk to Brenda and told her...that it would be a long hard when you have a heart that is that damaged...things will just continue to happen.

Brenda's Mom was scheduled for an thoracentesis that afternoon...which they went ahead with.  Brenda got to watch the procedure.  It's when they stick a needle in your back to numb the area and attach something so that the fluid can be sucked out into a bottle.  This had to be done..because she had some fluid behind her left lung...which was causing the breathing problems.

They got her all ready and ended up getting 865 cc or just a little over a liter of pop.  Brenda actually looked like beer.  Brenda's Mom tolerated the procedure very well....just got nauseous after...because she had not eaten for so long and possibly what they had given her for a light sedative.

Brenda's Mom was in the hospital for several days...where she received excellent care.  Brenda went to visit and spend time with much as she could.  Brenda knew that Mom was really sick and that something would need to be arranged.

Last Wednesday...Brenda's Mom entered a nursing home.  The neat thing about this is, that if Brenda's Mom looks out her window, she can see where Brenda's apartment is...which I hope gives her comfort.

Brenda is trying to get her Mom settled in as well....with a lot of help from friends.  She got her a Tracfone and is going to get her hooked up with cable she can watch "The Waltons."

Brenda's Mom enjoys the old-time music.  I can tell ya that I enjoy that sort of music myself.  So she got her hooked up with a CD player and brought her some CD's she had made for her before.

This experience has been a dog gone sad one...but Brenda is handling it with strength and tenacity...hear that Rich are not the only one who can use big words.  hahaha!

I am so dog gone proud of her and how her Mom is really trying to adjust to a most difficult situation.

When the weather gets nicer...Brenda said she would take me for a visit.  I would love that.  I miss the pats on the head and how I enjoyed watching how she took such good care of Brenda. 

Well, that's all for this time.  "Trevor's Tales" will be back real soon with another inspiring story.