Sunday, October 23, 2011


Hello folks, Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, here once again, to share a story, that I think will be of quite some interest to you.

We are going to be talking about the mind.  You have heard sayings like, "Mind Over Matter" "If You Don't Mind, Then It Doesn't Matter" but we are not actually going to be talking about sayings at all.

It's going to be more like explaining different aspects of the mind. 

For example...Brenda's Mom thought it was real important after her brain surgery to use her mind, by doing Sudoku puzzles.  The concept of the puzzles is that there are 9 squares in each puzzle.  Each line going up and down and across is going to have a combination of those 9 numbers, always making sure that the numbers 1-9 show up in each square, so when you are done there will be the numbers 1-9 in each square and also 1-9 will be across and also up and down.  They will be different combinations, but this can be achieved.  She has mastered levels 1 and 2 very well.  The rest of the book, she would usually let her Mom finish.  As you get higher in levels, it does become more difficult.  Brenda has done some level 3's but for now, does mainly levels 1 or 2.

The point here is, that sometimes you have to work backwards to achieve this.  The mind works like that in so many ways.  For example if you are experiencing head pain on your left side...more than likely your mass or tumor would be found on the right it was in Brenda's case.  That's how it works, everything is the opposite.  Just like if you were to have a stroke on one side, the paralysis, would actually take place on the opposite side.  That's how the brain works. 

Brenda has found out recently that sometimes when you hit a roadblock in life, you just have to back up and go in another direction, that way you can still strive to achieve your goals. 

By roadblocks she means people in her own camp sometimes try to stop and discourage her from achieving her goals.  She also realizes that she has more people that have her back than not, so for the few who don't or who will never understand it, she chooses to move forward and to never look back.

She recently left a brain tumor support group, because there just was no support there.  She realizes, she can do the most good in others who support her as well.  It has to be two sided, or it just will not work.  It's unfortunate, when you think because you are all in the same boat, that all the travelers will think alike, even though they are all on the same journey.  That's just not the case sometimes and that's okay if it is done respectfully.  In this case it was not, but Brenda really found out who her real friends were through this experience and she is very grateful they were there and still are. 

Having had a brain tumor and where the location of Brenda's was, being the right frontal lobe, she tells me that she gets more angry or teary eyed more easily.  This does not bother her anymore.  She uses her anger to bring awareness and that is very healthy and I think makes her fight even harder.  The tears have made her a more empathetic person, who truly understands what others on her journey are experiencing.

I am just going to close with one of our messages here.  Be KIND and respect to others, even if they don't happen to think like you do.

Until next time, this is Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, wishing you JOY and HOPE!