Sunday, July 31, 2011


Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, here to tell yet, another inspiring tale of my best friend's life.  Brenda has been really working hard the past few months, to get on with her life.  Today, is exactly 2 months to the day, that her Mom passed away.

Before we go on with that.  I have a little news of my own to share.  Recently, I posed for some pictures for "Tumors Suck."  I have to tell you, without being too modest, that they really turned out pretty good.  I guess my charm exceeded all expectations.  hahaha! 

Now on to my tale.  Brenda has been going through some real heavy things.  She has not once, given up.  She has a lot of support out there.  She told her doctor the other day, that she had a lot of friends and he agreed, and then he just took the time to sit and talk with her.  That doctor is pretty cool in my dogie book. 

She is struggling with some health issues..but she is fighting every day, not to let this all get her down.

She recently started exercising once again.  I have to tell you that first day, she was pretty sore, but as she has gradually built up time, she is doing so much better.

She also has named her new fight song..."I'm Still Standing" by Elton John, who she got to see in concert this year.  She talks about that all the time.  Now, is he really as charming as me?  Yes, I guess he is. 

Brenda has struggled with migraines for close to 30 years.  They got really bad this year...with stress and all that she has been going through.  So far this month, she has not had one.  She is hoping with all her heart that she won't get as many or none at all.  For those of you that don't get them, they can be really bad, sending you to bed in a dark room without any noise.  They are the worst...Brenda would tell me that the pain would actually make her sick.  I hope she is done with those.  I worry about her so, when she gets one.

Brenda continues her quest to bring Meningiomas to the forefront with my help, of course.  She has met some wonderful people from all walks of life.  Let's face it, we all have problems in our lives, whether we choose to admit that or not. 

She will help anyone who truly wants help.  She has a thing about emotional vampires.  She explained to me once, that they are people who suck everything out of you...but when it comes their time to help you out, they conveniently disappear.

She will tell about her brain tumor journey to who ever will listen.  She has had many opportunities to share her story this year alone.

She is almost 3 years out of being a Meningioma brain tumor survivor.  She has learned so much and has become a much stronger person because of it.  She has done things in her life, that she didn't even realize were possible.  That became evident with her Mom's care.  She knew the right people to contact and ask questions, as there were many. 

She also researches before she makes a big decision.  Before she went on her arthritis drug..over 10 years ago now, she did some heavy researching.  She's never been one to just take everything at face value.
She needs to know why something is and I think that is good, because you will more than likely not get sucked into something that way.

She's been burned by we all have.  Even in my circle of other dogs...we have our disagreements...but we usually end up sharing the bone anyway. 

Brenda is a fighter.  Anyone who has ever come in contact with her or conversed with her, will see that.  It would be so easy to throw in the towel and give up...but not her...she will fight to the bitter end.  She just needs to know...that there are others out there in her corner. 

Her finger joints have really been bothering her.  She exercises them to help them move more freely. 

She used to love to walk for long distances...but that is not possible anymore, with her feet being so bad, with her tendons.  She was fitted with orthotics.  For those of you who don't know what these are.  They are custom made like a mold and then fitted into a proper shoe.  They are made mainly for support and they have helped her a great deal.  She still has issues with standing for a long periods of time. 

At this point, she is trying to avoid surgery.  Her feet are the having one done would certainly not be good for the other one...while recovering. 

Life just keeps throwing things at Brenda...but she just keeps throwing her punches right back.  I think if I had a song for her it would be, "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty. 

Her Mom always told her she was strong and she really has had to be now. 

She has been going out for lunch and dinner dates.  She always makes time for her friends. 

She does a great job of taking care of good ole Trevor as well.  She keeps me groomed, so I continue to look as lovable and handsome as I am.

Life is not perfect and Brenda knows this better than anyone.  We are all in this together, take one step at a time, one day at a time. 

I'm going to close with this.  Life is what you make it.  You can either choose to be a victim or a victor?  I know which one Brenda has chosen.