Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hi, Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog here once again...We are going to do something really different this time...and share some of the messages that we have been using on Facebook,  This will give the folks outside of Facebook, a chance to see and enjoy them also.

These are messages that Brenda has coined with ideas...she has seen or heard about.  These are all original and we hope you enjoy them.

Feel free to copy them and share them with your friends...We only ask that if you do...that you refer to them as Trevor's Messages For The Day...thank you.

I Aspire To Inspire or Aspire To Inspire...

Life is what you make it.  You can either choose to be a victim or a victor?

Before you can truly extend love to others, you must be comfortable with yourself first.

Find what inspires you and let those creative juices start to flow.

Be kind to yourself and your happiness will shine through to others.

Spread a little sunshine with your smile.

Share your journey with others, not only to encourage them...but it also helps you see, how far you have come.

It takes a great amount of courage to ask for help.  Don't let anyone tell you, that is a sign of weakness.

Our battles can actually turn out to be our blessings!

Always be true to your character and there will be no regrets. 

Before you can truly enjoy the have to weather the storms that come into our lives.

Brighten someone's day with your smile.

Take some time for yourself to reflect, how far you have come on your journey.

Make a positive change in your life.

Never give up, no matter what, as there are other people cheering you on and that should give you great *HOPE*

Be a friend, by just sitting beside them, walking beside them, and maybe...even listening to what they really need to say.

Always look for the open door.  Opportunities come knocking, if we only look for them.

Everyone has their own battles in life but meeting them head on, will make you stronger.

Live your life to it's fullest potential and you will no regrets.

If you are not going to sit with me in the valley, then you have no right to stand with me, when I reach the Mountain top!

Forget all the drama and share the dog bone already!  Trevor's original...

Give the gift of laughter!

Turn your trial into a triumph!!

Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything your heart desires.

Only *YOU* ...can turn your pain into power!

Be your own *HERO* you possess all the tools within yourself already!

Laughter is a gift. Spread it around and make some one feel better.

What might not be important to you...may actually be treasure to some one else.

The construction of our lives is not finished, as we are all in work in progress.

The path you follow in life is strictly up to you, as you are the Captain of your ship.

If you come to a roadblock in your life, that doesn't mean your journey has ended, it just means you have to turn your life in another direction.

Having a good cry can actually turn out to be wonderful therapy, so let those tears flow.

When you need the strength to carry on, reach down deep and recover your soul.

Sometimes, people need a guide when they feel helpless on their journey.  That's when we can be that beacon of light, to help them find their way to *HOPE*

The mark of a great the ability to delegate, so he or she doesn't get burnt out.

Always strive to make others feel encouraging, comforting, and just being there, when they really need a friend.

Each day is a gift, use it wisely.

Don't let your own pain defeat you.  Fight even harder and show it who's *BOSS*

Celebrate every victory...whether it be great or small.

Look forward to what YOU can accomplish, not backwards and regret what YOU haven't.

Each one of us is different, which make us unique so, embrace who YOU are.

Celebrate the memories of those who have gone before us.

We all have something of worth to offer.

Don't forget to take time for yourself everyday, with something that you really enjoy to get away from your worries and problems, at least for a little while.

Along life's journey, allow yourself the FREEDOM to BE vulnerable with a safe person.

Having the Courage to Care about your journey, will allow YOU to finally conquer those GIANTS in your life, that you may be facing.

As you continue further along on your journey, your STRENGTH to SHARE will become a reality. 

If you love a characteristic about someone, TELL them so and WHY.

You can be your own tower of STRENGTH by BUILDING others up.

Part of the discovery of finding your buried treasure is realizing the fact, that is has been deep inside of YOU all along...which is known as your inner STRENGTH and RESOLVE. 

How you DEAL with your life, shows how you will truly LIVE your life.

A true friend will tell you, what you NEED to hear, not necessarily what you WANT to hear.

Concentrate and dwell on those tasks which YOU can accomplish, and don't stress yourself out on the ones that can't be DONE right now. 

Make laughter a part of your day.  It can do wonders for your outlook on life.

We hope maybe we have inspired you with these messages...

Until next time...this is Trevor The Tell Tale Dog always wishing you PEACE and LOVE.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Trevor, The Tell Tale again to spread awareness and hope.  We are going to do something a bit different this time around.  I am going to be interviewing she is approaching her 3RD anniversary of her brain surgery or as she calls it...her craniversary.

Before we get started though...I must share with some of our readers that good ole Trevor here, made it in the latest Tumors Suck video...those pictures that Brenda took of me...really paid off. 

We have also started something new on Facebook each morning...Trevor's message for the day.  People seem to really enjoy it and we are always happy to start someone's day off with a little inspiration. 

Without further's my interview with Brenda.

Trevor:  So great to have you here today...Brenda...

Brenda:  Thank you's a pleasure to be here...

Trevor:  So tell the folks here about your brain tumor journey.

Brenda...Well Trevor, on August 26, 2008...I was diagnosed with a meningioma.  That was confirmed with an MRI.  On September 4TH...I saw a neurosurgeon...who confirmed the diagnosis as well...but said we wouldn't know anything for sure until they got in there.  He asked me if I wanted surgery?  What do you think I told him?

Trevor:  What did you tell him...exactly?

Brenda:  I said yes...he said the tumor was headed right toward my motor skills.  He said they could do surgery the following Monday on September 8TH...which has since become my 2ND chance at life.  So 4 days later...I went to the hospital really early in the morning to have a right frontal lobe craniotomy performed.  Talk about scary...they were going to drill inside my head.  I was told I could have a stroke..a seizure or could even die.  I didn't have a choice...this needed to be done because the head pain was getting so severe and very hard to perform my duties at work.

Trevor:  How long a procedure was it? 

Brenda:  He said it would take about 2 hours...but it only took an hour and a half...because when they opened the bone was essentially ready to be removed.  It was very solid..

Trevor:  How large was your tumor?

Brenda:  He told my Mom at first that it was the size of a marble...but quickly changed that to golf ball.  It measured  2.5 X 2.3 X 2.6 cm.

Trevor: Was it benign?  I know you hate that word...but the folks here would be interested.

Brenda:  Yes Trevor, it was benign and they figured that I had it for at least 20 years...because this type of tumor is usually slow growing. 

Trevor:  What was your recovery time?

Brenda:  I was in the ICU for a day and a half and then another private room for another day...I was off 2 weeks from work and then returned full time...which was too soon.  I landed in the ER after a full week of work and ended up missing another week.  My work restriction in total was 3 months.

Trevor:  Would you say you have recovered completely?

Brenda:  No...Trevor...sorry to say that is just not the case.  I still deal with lots of motion issues...nausea...almost every day and head pain when the weather is wacky.  I am also very emotional because of the location of the tumor.

Trevor:  I am sorry to hear that.  Then how do you cope?

Brenda:  I started my blog Brenda's Brainstorm, quite some time after my surgery.  I discovered that I actually became creative.  I guess it happens sometimes.  Writing for me is very cathartic.  The fact that others have told me that I am a great writer...also helps a great deal.

Trevor:  What has been the highlight of your brain tumor journey?

Brenda:  Being able to attend the Meningioma Mommas meet & greet in Omaha, NE this April.  I got to meet some really cool people and we were able to share our stories. 

Trevor:  That sounds wonderful...what else?

Brenda:  Just being able to connect with so many wonderful brain tumor survivors and those that are still fighting the battle.  We all belong to a special social club...and only those who belong...truly understand what I mean.

Trevor: Why don't you tell the folks, who your primary caregiver was during your recovery?

Brenda:  That would have been my Mom...who passed away this year on May 31ST from congestive heart failure.  She did a wonderful job of taking care of me.  I really wanted to go back to my apartment...but she wouldn't hear of it for at least a week. 

Trevor:  I'm sure you miss her very much...I am so sorry for your loss.

Brenda:  Thanks Trevor, she was a wonderful person and I have many wonderful memories of her, to keep in my heart. 

Trevor:  What would you tell the folks out there who are battling every day with a brain tumor or still recovering such as yourself?

Brenda:  Never give up hope.  You better than anyone knows your body.  Always listen to its signals and never be afraid to ask any doctor any questions you may have.  Above all, know that there are many out there, that are in your corner and fighting right along side of you. 

Trevor:  So you would say that brain tumor support groups are very important?

Brenda:  Absolutely, without question.  They have helped me so much and I hope, I have in turn, been a help as well.  It goes both ways.  I admire the people who had the drive and ambition to start these groups.

Trevor:  Are they all closed groups?

Brenda:  No, some are also open.  They are usually for the survivors.  The closed ones are more for those who just want a place to be more open about their struggles and the care givers are more involved with fact, some caregivers have started such groups. 

Trevor:  These are located on Facebook, right?

Brenda:  Yes...Trevor that is correct.  There are also all kinds of groups out there on the web.  I belong to Meningioma Mommas...which is a closed group...but they also have an open group on Facebook...which I feel is good exposure for us. 

Trevor:  That just sounds wonderful.  Brenda it has been a pleasure spending this time with you. Anything else, you would like to share with our readers?

Brenda:  Thanks, it's been a pleasure sharing with you also.  I would just like to say..that each day is a gift...cherish it and also your loved ones.  We are all in this together...and someday...I hope and pray, there will be a cure for brain tumors and brain cancer.

Trevor:  Well that's all for this time folks.  I hope you have enjoyed this interview?  I want to again thank Brenda, for taking the time out to make this happen.  Congrats on your 3RD second chance at life.

Brenda:  Thank you so much Trevor and it was a pleasure doing this interview.