Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Tale Of No Service!

Well, it's Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, here once again to share another story of
Brenda's life.  This time, we are going to be doing some venting. 

Brenda recently went through a terrible time, of being without phone service
for nearly 5 days, which is just too long in my book.

We will take you back, when she was forced to change services for her ISP,
as her local one was no longer offering DSL service, as they just couldn't keep
up with the offers of the competition with bundling, etc.  

Now, let me just share with you that bundling, is not always a good thing, at
least in this instance it hasn't been.  The first thing that happened, when she
made the switch was she couldn't send any emails, she could receive, but
that was it.  That doesn't make a lot of sense now, does it? 

She worked on this for almost a week with local ISP, who were so wonderful
in trying to get her help, even though she would no longer be their DSL customer.
That just shows the mark of a good company. 

Between the project manager she was working with on one of her projects, and
the tech guy at her local ISP, they were able to finally figure out, that Century Link,
needed to unblock a port.  Screen shots were sent to the local ISP and they together,  
truly found this to be the problem.

This came in handy for future reference, because Brenda was not their only customer,
who had to make this switch.

Finally, Brenda had just had enough and called Century Link and insisted, that they
open that port.  They told her they could only open a certain one and she said, that
she was locked into a 5- year contract with them and this was not acceptable.  Finally,
out of the blue, the customer service rep. contacted a computer tech and the problem
was suddenly solved. 

Why did it take almost a week?  Just to let you know too, the project manager she
was working with was kind enough to send out her letters for her.  He also spent
almost 3 hours one evening working with her to get her new windows email set
up, and find a solution to her problem.  She will always be grateful to him for

Well, the slinky people did it again.  She refers to Century Link as this, because
that was in their advertisement. 

She was trying one day to retrieve her messages and she was unable to.  She
thought maybe she had turned it off by mistake.  When she got home, she went
to pick up her receiver and there was no dial tone.  The phone line was dead,

She made a call with her cell phone.  Thank goodness she didn't bundle that
with them, she might have not had service with that as well.  She even told
them that.

Anyway, to make a long story short and it could be a very long story.  This
was Wednesday afternoon.  The next few days were many phones calls and
by Friday evening, she couldn't take it anymore.  She demanded, that she
was going to get some type of refund, as she was using up a lot of her cell
phone minutes. 

She was told that a repairman would be there on Monday morning, but
this time, the management for the apartment where she lives would be
contacted to let them in.  She had to make this arrangement herself and
she had the brain surgery folks. 

Anyway, on Sunday morning, she just happened to be taking her laundry
down to be done, when she saw a repairman outside her apartment door
complex.  She let him in and they got to work and she had phone service
within a half hour.  He even gave her, his phone number in case there was
an issue, which there was with the Internet, big surprise!  He walked her
through a few things and that was resolved.

She called Century Link again after and asked, how she could go about
getting a refund for her trouble?  They told her to call the next day and
she was given a direct number and an option to push, when making
that call.

Well, Monday came and she called and was told she would indeed receive
a refund.  A whole $7.50.  She got her phone bill last week and it ended up
being almost $8.00 with tax, etc.

The point is, you have to be your own advocate, when it come to situations
like this.  Fight for your rights!  You are after all the customer.

Before we go, for some of our readers, who may not be familiar with words
like ISP, that stands for Internet Service Provider and DSL, is Digital Subscriber

This is Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, leaving you with some advice this time.  If
you are not happy with your service, fight for what you know is right!