Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Tale Of 3 Goldens And A Lady...

Hello fellow readers, it's Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, here once again, to share
another story,  This is really going to be different, because we will be reflecting,
this time around.

It has now, been almost 2 years, since I came to live with Brenda.  I was actually,
staying with her and her Mom, as Brenda, was still recovering from her first carpal
tunnel surgery. 

I moved in with Brenda, after her Mom got sick, and had to be put in a nursing home.
It was really a sad time for her and I am so glad, I was there, to keep her company.

Not long after that, I started to help out Brenda with her blog.  That is how, Trevor,
The Tell Tale Dog, was conceived.  It was first called Trevor's Tales, but it was
later changed, as I actually became a storyteller. 

Brenda's Mom, made me a wonderful dog collar, right before she became ill.  It is
purple, the awareness colors for meningiomas, along with 2 dog bone charms and
TT, representing my work.  Trevor's Tales or now Tell Tale, it works.

The ribbon is very special, as it came from Brenda's sister's sewing collection.  You
see, she passed away in 2003 from colon cancer, so I am honored to be wearing this.

Along the way, we have added Trevor's message for the week on Facebook, which
has been so well received.  I think, we have really gained more followers here,
because of that. 

Last year, we added another addition to our family, Lil Biscuit.  She is really a
sweetheart.  She sleeps most of the time and is no trouble at all.  She has a really
comfortable bed.

Lil Biscuit and I are stars in our own right, as we have been featured in the Tumors
Suck videos.  I have been featured in 3 of them, but who's counting? 

Brenda, finally got featured in one, because of the picture that was taken by the
videographer that was here, for her wonderful work advocacy day, where she
was able to share her story of living with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) to so many
people that day, via a local television interview and also the local newspaper.  I
am so dog gone proud of her and all that she has accomplished this year.

She takes such good care of us, making us as comfortable as possible.  I get to
stand on her rug, the last thing, that her Mom crocheted, so that is really special.

We recently added, yet another addition Crumpet, to complete Our Golden Trio.
Crumpet, is Brenda's special one, as he likes to sit on her lap.  He is so soft to
the touch, which is such a comfort, when Brenda's hands are hurting. He also
has a very special quilt, that Brenda's Mom made for her, when she was a little girl.

She wrote a wonderful poem about us and we wanted to share it with you.  I
hope you enjoy it.

                                           Three Golden Furry Friends
                                  First, there was Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog,
                                            with stories that help Brenda,
                                                   promote her blog.
                                    Next, was Lil Biscuit, sleeping in her bed,
                                                  Oh! how you love,
                                                 to pat her little head.
                                      Finally, with a bang and the sound
                                                    of a trumpet!
                                           We welcome to our home,
                                            our new Golden Crumpet!

I hope you have enjoyed, this little tale of 3 Goldens and a very special lady,
named Brenda.