Saturday, January 14, 2012


Well, it's Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog here again, with the first blog post of 2012.  I have been bonding quite nicely with Biscuit, as she is getting used to her surroundings.  Brenda found an old quilt that her Mom had made for her doll crib, when she was a little girl and thought that would work out perfectly for the little darling and it does. 

Brenda is doing pretty well these days.  She had another birthday recently and she was just so touched by all your birthday wishes on Facebook, cards, and phone calls.  She decided that this year for her birthday, she would do something different and that is where the event comes in. 

She thought it would be cool if she could think of a way to spread brain tumor and brain cancer awareness, but at the same time make it informative and fun. 

She wouldn't have been able to do this without the help of a special brain tumor bro, named Brian, who offered to make up an event page for her.  From that point on, they started inviting people, who they thought just might be interested in this sort of thing.  She ended up with 96 people attending this event, which she thought was pretty awesome.

It was great the way the survivors posted their pictures of their MRI's, CT's or pictures after their brain tumor surgeries.  They all went into an album after they were posted and if you happen to be on Facebook and are Brenda's friend, you can click on that album and see all the wonderful pictures of these brave warriors. 

There were also blog links included, writings, humor and of course birthday wishes for Brenda.  It turned out more wonderful, then she could have ever imagined. 

What a wonderful way to spread brain tumor and brain cancer awareness.  One of the ways that Brenda does this is, she wears a golf ball circle charmed necklace.  You see, that was the size of her brain tumor which is a called a meningioma.  She has had some great conversations because of it.  Her rheumatologist even asked her about it.  It really catches your eye, because it looks like it's 3 dimensional, when it is actually flat.  What a cool way to spread brain tumor awareness.

Brenda also recently participated in a project for Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy, called, "Show Us Your Hands."  She posted her left hand and it is in a collage with many others.  She was proud to be able to do this after 20 years + of living with this terrible disease.  Just another way she is fighting, by spreading awareness and hope. 

The collage can actually be purchased and because of a very sweet lady named Jane, she is going to be owning this.  Now, Trevor here, thinks that is so dog-gone sweet of you to do this for her. 

She will have it framed and hang it with pride.  After all these years, she can honestly say, she is no longer ashamed to show her hands to anyone. 

I guess, I'm not the only famous person in our little group.  As some of you know, last year I posed for the Tumors Suck II video and made the cut.  I also have inspirational messages out on Facebook, which have now been changed to only weekly.  My paws can't seem to make it every day on there. 

Brenda had one of the nicest birthdays weather wise.  It actually reached 50 above.  That's unheard of in ND, especially in January of all things. 

Thanks for making her birthday extra special by participating in the event and for making comments on the various pictures posted. 

Brenda's been battling lately with her Rheumatoid Arthritis and head pain.  Yes, even good weather changes can cause havoc in your joints and heads, as some of you very well know.

Well, this is Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog ending this tale with something Brenda just came up with today.  GREET THE GREY...just another way of spreading brain tumor awareness and hope, as we all need that now don't we?