Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Tale Of Tennis Shoes

Hello, it's Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, to share a very inspiring and uplifting story,
that happened while shopping for a new pair of tennis shoes.

As you know, Brenda has lived with Rheumatoid Arthritis for over twenty-one
years now, and last year she was diagnosed with tendonitis in both of her feet.
Her podiatrist recommended that she get a good pair of tennis shoes, with good

She has been wearing the Brooks brand for over a year now and really likes
them, but along with that, she also has orthotics in each shoe, which were
made especially for her, from a mold which fits perfectly in each shoe and also
has a heel lift, in the left shoe.

That is a lot to go through just to have comfort while walking.  So yesterday,
Brenda went to Scheels, where she always gets her tennis shoes, but this
time, she wanted something a little more funky and not just the basic black
or white, that she usually gets. 

They just happened to have some really cool colors on the shoe racks and the
one that caught her eye, was the purple and grey one.  There was also an aqua
color, that she had before, that she liked also.  The person who helped her,
explained that the aqua one had a little more support, so she asked Brenda if
she wanted her to bring out both pairs and she could decide, which one she
would like better?

So she brought the shoes to Brenda and suggested that she try the one with more
support in the left foot and the other one with the right.  Brenda really liked the
purple and grey ones better, because the one with more support along with
the heel lift, was just not that comfortable.  So she took that one off and put the
purple and grey on that foot also.  She said that was a good sign, that she had the
same shoe on both feet, so she had made her decision.  She also went on to say,
that the reason the one with more support along with the heel lift was not as
comfortable, could be because of a slight heel instep difference.  She seemed
very knowledgeable and her doctor had actually told her that before, so she
decided to go with the purple and grey.

The only thing Brenda was not really crazy about were the white shoelaces, it
just was too loud!  The sales person said, they happened to have some in grey
and would Brenda be interested?  Well, this is where it gets exciting folks, Brenda
said that is really cool, because she just happened to be a four-year brain tumor
survivor.  The sales lady came back with 2 shades of grey, not 50.  I crack
myself up!  Anyway, Brenda picked out the one, that went perfectly with
the shoes.   

Brenda asked her if she would be kind enough to lace them up for her, as she
was having problems with her fingers, because of the RA, as she had explained
before, why she was getting the shoes in the first place. 

This lady was just so cool.  She told her to put her foot on her knee as she
laced them and at the same time, asked her about her brain tumor journey.
Brenda just happened to have her poem that she wrote for her 4th Craniversary
and ended up reading it to her. 

She also told her that the purple was really cool, not only did she like the color,
but that was also the awareness color for meningioma, the type of brain tumor
that she had.  She went on to say, that these shoes were made for her.  She also
told her that God had a plan for her life.  Without a doubt, she was meant, to
get those tennis shoes.

She really enjoyed the poem also and told her, she should get that published. 

While Brenda went to the store to buy a new pair of tennis shoes for her feet,
because of her RA, she had no idea, she would be walking out of the store,
spreading awareness for her life as a meningioma brain tumor survivor. 

Brenda has said this many times, her 2 life challenges do go hand in hand, and
that was just proven once again, with a purchase of purple and grey tennis shoes.

The last thing the sales lady said to her was, "It was my pleasure, to serve you
today."  Now, that is what I truly call service.  I don't even get that type of service,
when I go to get my dog bones. 

This is Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, hoping you really enjoyed this inspiring
story, as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Tale Of Music And Harmony

Well, it's Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, here once again.  We think you are really
going to enjoy this installment very much. 

Brenda, has been sharing with me, about how music, has had a big impact on
her life.  She came from a musical family.  Every one of her family members,
were singers. 

Some played the organ and piano for church, while others, sang in specials. 

Brenda's Mom, played the piano all by chords.  Now, that is a great talent.

There was a lot of natural talent, because you see, Brenda does not read notes,
but she has a great ear.  She can hear something once and pretty much pick it

She did take voice lessons and her teachers helped her a lot with learning how to
breathe properly when singing and also, developing her first soprano voice. 

She was very active in music in high school, with being in the choir, several
groups, but her favorite was the swing choir.

She sang solos for their annual variety show, which she enjoyed very much.  Her
sisters always made a point of attending these, and that meant a lot to Brenda.

She also sang solos at both of her sister's weddings.  What an honor, as she was
only twenty-one years old at the first one. 

She also sang at several funerals in a group setting.

She also used to lead the singing in her church, as she had the luxury of
picking out the songs, as she knew them, and would try to pick out ones
that would go along with the theme of the day. 

There was always a radio, phonograph, (yes in that day, she had one) or a cassette tape
playing, as music was very soothing to Brenda.  She used it as an escape from reality,
if only for a little while.

We are writing this particular post, because music, can be really soothing in so many

As you know, Brenda has lived with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) for over 21 years,
and is also now, a four-year meningioma brain tumor survivor.  She feels that music
can really bring you to a calming place or if you are in the mood for something just
for fun, that is available as well.  That is the beauty of music, there is is so much
out there to enjoy and cling to.

Brenda has kind of a unique story to share with you.  As she was being wheeled to
the OR for her brain surgery a song was running through her head.  She has no idea
why this particular one was, but it was "Somebody's Knockin" by Terri Gibbs.  Could
it have been at her head?  hahaha!  She was just joking about this recently on her
4th Craniversary, which is also referred to as her second chance anniversary.

She has managed to keep her sense of humor, throughout living with these challenges.

She recently wrote a poem about getting rid of her brain tumor.  The song by John Wait,
"Missing You"  was the inspiration, for this particular poem. 

She has several fight songs, "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty, "I'm Still Standing"
by Elton John, and her most recent one "Titanium" by David Guetta with Sia.

Music, has always been very special to Brenda.  She will sing when she is happy or
even when she is sad. 

Even though she doesn't do solos in public that much anymore, she still enjoys
singing, just for her own pleasure. 

She really enjoys Karaoke, and if she ever gets to meet some of you, that is the type
of party, she would love to have.  Her company used to have these at their Winter
Party and they were a lot of fun. 

Music can actually bring you to a place of peace and harmony.  It can be great to
focus on something, other than your pain.  It can be very healthy and actually make
you feel better. 

Brenda did get to see one of her favorite singers, that she has loved since she was
a kid, last year.  That was Elton John.  She really enjoyed that concert and she had
a great time, singing along with all of those great songs.  She told me, she actually
got chills, when he stepped out on stage. 

I really believe there is such a thing as music therapy, well Brenda does anyway.
We hope you have enjoyed this tale about the joy of music and harmony, that has
and still is a big part of Brenda's life.

Until next time, this is Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, encouraging you, to let the music