Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tale Of A Lamp

Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, here with the first blog post of 2013.  It has already
started out quite great!  I was recently named the official Mascot for "Christine's
Kids."  These are children and teens who live with arthritis.  I will be there sharing
hope and encouraging these "Mighty Little Heroes" all of the way!  I was so
doggone proud to be asked and to help Brenda, continue her mission of spreading
awareness and hope.

Brenda has written some wonderful poetry.  One was for her special awareness
project for her birthday.  Her project was called, "Bones For My Birthday."  A
bone is a blessing and I helped with that by way of my weekly messages.  She
also wrote a beautiful poem for arthritis awareness, entitled 100 Shades Of Blue!
She also has a beautiful necklace that she took a picture of to share along with
the poem. 

It is still making the rounds and this is really gratifying for Brenda. 

Another poem she was asked to write for "Christine's Kids" was Mighty Little
Heroes and that is making the rounds as well.  There is an adorable picture of
me and all my friends along with the poem. 

Brenda bought herself a digital camera and has been using it for adding pictures
to her poetry.  I really think, it adds a lot and really tells a story.

Now for the purpose of this tale.  I got a little sidetracked, but just wanted to share
a bit of how our year has been so far and it is only January.

Last Sunday after her friend took her out to lunch for her birthday, they decided to
go shopping for a lamp. 

They got to the store looked at several.  Brenda had in mind that she wanted a tree
lamp, with at least 3 bulbs, so she could adjust them and use less or more, depending
on the situation.  Anyway, they got it home put it together got ready to plug it in and
one switch would not work.  So they took it apart, went back to the store and got a
new one.  Good thing, there was another one in stock. 

They were actually laughing about this the whole way back and home, thinking up
song titles about lamps and lights.  Some were "Give Me Oil In My Lamp" and of
course, "You Light Up My Life."  I missed all of this, as I was home taking care
of Lil Biscuit and Crumpet. 

The point is though, if one switch does not work on a lamp, it is incomplete, to do
its job of illuminating.  That is very true in our lives as well.  It is very hard to
experience joy and laughter, when there are those dark moments in our lives.

We need to keep striving to keep our lamps in good working order, so that we
can continue to shine our lights and be that beacon for someone else, who may
be struggling on their journey. 

Brenda already had an idea for this blog piece, when they decided to return the
lamp that was not working properly.

At the end of this post, we will be sharing a poem.  We hope you enjoy and until
next time, this is Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, wishing you all the best! 

Mighty Little Heroes

There’s a great group of kids,
who battle every day,
while continuing to live,
with JA or RA!

I’m talking about “Christine’s Kids,”
who fight each day to cope.
Continue to inspire,
and offer so much hope!

Kids who live with dreams,
who will never give in.
Mighty Little Heroes,
who are all, in this to win!


Brenda Kleinsasser