Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tale Of A Mascot

Hello there, I am Crumpet, Trevor's younger brother and the newest addition of
our Golden Trio.  I came to live with Brenda last October.  I have had a chance
to really settle in nicely on my soft quilt, that Brenda's Mom made for her when
she was a little girl.

Anyway, I am here to brag a little about my big brother Trevor, who recently became
a mascot for "Christine's Kids."  He is doing a really great job with it and still manages
to remain humble, while caring for Lil Biscuit my little sister, and myself while Brenda
is at work. 

Here is a photo of Trevor, wearing his "Christine's Kids" cap, that she so kindly sent
to Brenda and also he is wearing his awareness cape for RA, which Brenda has been
living with now for almost 22 years. I think he looks so dashing in this.  I am so
proud of my big brother.  He is really doing a lot of good for so many people.
He also continues to write his weekly inspirational messages on Facebook and
has added Messages Of Hope for "Christine's Kids" when they need them.

I have been keeping a close eye on Brenda, as she has been having some real
struggles lately.  The one thing I appreciate the most about Brenda, is that she
is not afraid to admit this.  She fights hard every day, as she also is a four-year
meningioma brain tumor survivor. 

  This is a photo of me that Brenda took with her new digital camera.  She is getting
  really good with using it.  Isn't that quilt just adorable? 

 Here is a picture of my little sister Lil Biscuit, who is content to sleep by me and
 really is a comfort.

  So as you can see, we are quite the family.  Three Goldens & a lovely lady named

  Brenda has been doing some great work herself.  She has been working as editor for the
  CreakyJoints Poet's Corner (and Artists Too).  She is really enjoying this and getting
  really organized and has great ideas, of how she wants this to be presented.  She has
  a real passion to help others and she is also working again with President and co-founder
  Seth Ginsberg and a new fella named Allen Todd from The Global Healthy Living
  Foundation.  Brenda worked with Seth last year and it was a day, she will never
  forget.  She was thrilled that they contacted her and wanted to work with her once
  again.  So you see, even though Brenda continues to live with RA, she sure doesn't
  let it stop her.

  I am so proud of both my big brother Trevor and Brenda, as they are both making a
  big impact in the arthritis world. 

  I hope you have enjoyed this tale and I want to thank Trevor, for allowing me to

  This is Crumpet signing off.