Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Tale of a Book Review

Hi, it's Trevor here again. Sorry we have been absent for a while, but Brenda
has been real busy and also has not been feeling that great. She is doing better
now, so were are going to be doing something different this time. We are going
to be sharing a book review.

Brenda just read a wonderful book titled,"Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior
and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him," by Fmr. Army Capt. Luis Carlos Montalvan.

Now any story about a golden, you know I would be all ready to read, if I could. BOL
Brenda told me all about this wonderful bond between Tuesday and a wonderful man
named Luis.

I have heard of service dogs before, and how they really can change the lives of people,
who are struggling, as Luis definitely was. He had come back from Iraq, where he had
sustained a spinal cord injury and also a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Just for our readers
here, it just happens to be National Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month, so this is
pretty cool to be sharing this review with you.

Anyway, until Luis connected with this wonderful golden named Tuesday, his life did
spiral into darkness.

Tuesday was also experiencing some traumas of his own. That is why this match was
so very special. They really did heal each other.

I love how Luis takes such good care of Tuesday. They are two gentle souls who
found each other, when they needed to.

I hear that a Kleenex is needed, while reading this wonderful book. I saw Brenda sobbing
a time or two, while reading.

She could relate to so much, because as you know, she is a brain tumor survivor and there
are certain things that bother her too. She felt a real connection to this author and yes, she
even wrote him, as well as put a book review on

This is simply a story of a wonderful bond between two lost souls who found each other,
when the time was right.

Five Barks!

This is Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, until next time reminding you, to reach for the stars.