Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Tale of Tragedy

Hi, Trevor here once again, to bring our long awaited tale, that we have been
promising you.

This is going to be about things that Brenda is very passionate about. We ask
that you read, with an open heart and mind. Brenda is very tenderhearted, but
at the same time, she is also very passionate.

She has gone through so much in the past three years. Brenda has been touched
by tragedy in the form of 4 deaths in her family. She lost her beloved Mom, which
she thought would destroy her, but someone came into her life just at the right time,
and truly helped her see, that she still had some fight left in her. We don't want to
say that he actually saved her life, but in a real sense he did, metaphorically that
is. RA Guy was responsible for her getting back in the saddle, yes I love my westerns.

He had a vision called "Show Us Your Hands!" If you have been our followers of our
posts, you know what this is all about. We are not going to go into great detail here,
so you can check out our previous blog posts. That would be in 2012. That was a great
year for Brenda, when she became a true advocate and began her journey, along a
new path.

So with this new gig of her advocacy, Brenda has had a chance to get in front of the
camera, do a newspaper interview, she has been featured in several YouTube videos,
and last year, she testified at the ND State Capitol. As I am writing this, she is looking
at me with amazement, for all that has happened.

She also wants to thank one person, who made her working with CreakyJoints possible.
Brenda is a big believer in timing. You have heard her say this many times. She made
a phone call on a Monday evening, not realizing the time change and just by chance, a
man by the name of Louis Tharp answered. He just happened to be working late that
evening, and they ended up talking for over 30 minutes. She never even gave him, her
name, just said she was from ND. Well again, this is all explained in our previous blog
posts, but she just wanted to publically thank Lou, who has since become a friend, as
she also works with the CreakyJoints newsletter, as Editor of the Poet's Corner (& Artists

We just wanted to give you a little background, as to want drives Brenda each day. It
often takes a tragedy to see what is really important in life. The other side of the coin
is, things that also anger and disgust Brenda.

There has been much discussion on social media about the use of marijuana for medicinal
purposes. There has also been some heavy discussion on the use of narcotics. Here is the
thing folks, if you live with chronic pain, Brenda believes in the right and passage,
to be using these mediums. She would like to see legalization of marijuana in her state.
Some of you are gasping I am sure. She doesn't want it to get high, so don't be so quick
to judge, if you have not lived with chronic pain. She knows people who have seizures,
for which this has helped.

The other thing is the use of narcotics. Some who use these, are not ADDICTS! They know
how to use them, as for some, this is the only quality of life. Now the real tragedy is,
when you enter your pharmacy and you are told that you are restricted to the amount
that you can receive. She realizes there are drug seekers out there, but why should the
rest of the population who uses narcotics responsibly, have to suffer? This makes her
blood boil. Brenda herself does not use narcotics, but that is not to say, that there may
come a time, when she may have to. Brenda does however, suffer with chronic
motion issues, since her brain surgery. Her nausea is really bad some days and I
am really concerned, she may fall and hurt herself, when she feels unsteady. She has
tried, but it has been unsuccessful, with going to a balance clinic, as she could not
even complete the tests, as she became so sick. There is definitely a problem, but
they just cannot seem to get to the bottom of it. She would like the chance to see if
trying marijuana could at least alleviate this. She is not talking about smoking it,
but to get it in another form and just enough to help with relief. I want to ask our
readers, do you live with vertigo or constant nausea? We are talking every day.
Brenda doesn't live with vertigo, as she was tested for that, but the nausea is a
horrible thing to live with. There are days when Brenda just has such a hard time
dealing with this. Brenda does live with chronic pain, so she does truly
understand, what others are up against in this battle.

So ask yourself, if you or someone you love suddenly was diagnosed with an
inflammatory condition, that would be chronic, wouldn't you want them to be
comfortable? Of course you would.

I know we are definitely stepping on some toes here. We really do not care about
that. Brenda believes that we should all have a chance, at a quality of life. If you
firmly believe that we only want these drugs to get high, when we only want
relief from our pain, than that my friends, is the real tragedy.

I am going to stop there, as we hopefully have given you a lot to digest.

This is Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog, until next time, signing off.