Saturday, February 20, 2016

Tale of Manners

Hi, it's Trevor here on National Love Your Pet Day, sharing another tale with you. This time, we are going to explore manners. What are they exactly? In a nutshell, please and thank you, being the pivotal ones. We want to share, that there is a lot more than meets the eye, when it comes to manners.

Brenda wants to bring out that how we conduct ourselves is as important, than what we tell others. Actions speak louder than words.

Brenda has encountered some situations that are distressing at best. We know that sometimes, we are never going to receive that thank you, for something we did. In the case of an all expense paid weekend, I would have certainly got down on all four paws and thanked her. BOL

Brenda realizes that ship has sailed or sunk, however you want to look at it. She has chosen to move forward. We do want to share though, that you are never too old to possess manners.

When Brenda was a child and she would receive a gift from her maternal grandfather and aunts, she was prompted to sit down and write a thank-you note. That is what you did. Don't you write thank-you notes for graduations, weddings, or baby showers? Why should anything else be different?

Please and thank you, are two of the most important ways of showing your appreciation. Using please will work a lot better with the other party involved, rather than being demanding. I love the reference that we are going to use from our friend Christine Schwab about being a "Gentle Bulldog." That means that you approach what you want or need with kindness and not anger.

Brenda recently went through that with her insurance company. She will no longer be able to have her biologic dispensed at the same pharmacy that she has used for years. She wasn't even sure she wanted to share with them, because she felt so bad. You see, they have been so good to Brenda. She is glad though that she did. They even tried to go to bat for her, and they will continue to. She has a good relationship with them and she kept her cool, while she was explaining what a huge hardship this is going to be, to have to walk several more blocks each month, to pick up her biologic.

As our readers know who follow this blog, Brenda has lived with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) for almost twenty-five years. Shouldn't you be making things easier for those who struggle with walking at times, not harder? She shared this also as a patient advocate for 50 State Network with one of the people she works with. She is truly frustrated. There again, she remained the "Gentle Bulldog."

We kind of like this reference, because Brenda's father was often referred to as a bulldog and that he would not give up on something. Brenda is like that in a lot of ways. I think that is what keeps her from giving up so easily and fighting for her rights.

She recently took a company to task online and we are happy to report, that the claim was ruled in her favor. Again, she remained the "Gentle Bulldog." Being a dog myself, I think that reference is pawsome. BOL

Brenda walks to and from work many days. She has made friends with a cyclist who always yells "Good Morning and have a great day!" Brenda always tells him to be careful, as some of those days the roads were quite icy. She didn't see him so much this week, as maybe their schedules were different, as Brenda had to allow more time to walk with her ice treads.

She had an experience coming back from walking to her bank this week. She made it there in one piece, but she was quite shaken by the time she arrived, as it was so icy. What was she thinking? She started out toward walking back to her place of employment, and this nice lady offered her a ride. She didn't hesitate, because she was in an area that was safe and it wasn't that far. She had a nice conversation with this lady and turns out, that she knew her husband. When she dropped her off, Brenda turned to her and said, "Thank you and Bless You." She was amazed how well this all turned out. She got her business done and also ended up meeting this nice lady.

Brenda realizes that even in advocacy that we all need to work together. She takes nothing for granted and if someone does something for her, she thanks them for it. That is what you do.

If she has a conflict with someone or needs to get something ironed out, she prefers to have a conversation with that person, to try to get things worked out. It is very hard to work with someone, when you feel that you or your ideas are not valued. Sometimes it can be a misunderstanding or that something needed a bit more of an explanation.

You see, Brenda is also a brain tumor survivor, and sometimes gets details mixed up. It also takes her longer to grasp certain things. Please be patient. Notice I said, please. BOL

I am so proud of Brenda. She has been writing a lot lately and really enjoys it. I try and do my part by sharing my tales here and giving her a break. BOL

I have been her storyteller and helper for over five years. How can that be possible? I enjoy putting these tales together and we make a great team. I am one lucky dog and she is so good to me.

This is my way of thanking her for all that she does, by trying my hardest to share with all of you, that Brenda is only human.

So the next time somebody does something nice for you, don't forget to thank them and while you are at it, give them a big smile.

This is Trevor, saying please be kind and thank you, for letting us indulge you, with this tale.