Saturday, October 8, 2016

Tale of a Talk Show...

Hi Trevor here again, sharing another exciting tale that happened recently. Brenda was a guest on Brain Tumor Talk: Worldwide Radio show, for the second time, on Friday, October 7th.

Rick Franzo who is the host and also a two time meningioma brain tumor survivor, asked her if she would like to be a guest and share about the book. A couple of weeks ago, the date was put in place, when she would be on.

This was a wonderful opportunity for Brenda and she enjoyed it immensely. Rick makes it so easy to engage in a conversation, although Brenda was doing most of the talking. BOL He even said at one point, that half of the hour was gone.

He even mentioned, good old Trevor here and that made my golden heart sing. BOL Rick and I were actually in the same video for Tumors Suck and that is how he and Brenda first got connected on social media.

There were a lot of great things brought out, during that hour, that seemed to fly by. Brenda had a chance to shout-out to several people, who have been an intricate part of her life on these two different journeys.

Brenda was so happy that he played an Elton John tune before, she was on the air. They were kidding her at work, if she could also pick out the songs. She told them, that he would probably be playing a song by Elton John, as he did before, when she was a guest last year.

This time was Philadelphia Freedom. The time before was Levon. 

Another surprise during her interview was that he mentioned that Brenda had a famous relative, who played for the NFL. I wonder who that could have been? It was of course, Jim Kleinsasser, who played for The Minnesota Vikings.

She had a chance to share a little of her background at the beginning. She had so much fun and couldn't believe that it went so fast.

Brenda spoke clearly and slowly, so that others could grasp what she was saying. She was cognizant, of that fact and I think she did a wonderful job.

She had a chance to get the word out, about several organizations; The National Brain Tumor Society and CreakyJoints, of which she is an advocate for both.

It was a wonderful experience and Brenda will certainly do it again, if asked, which she was before the show ended yesterday.

We want to thank Rick Franzo, for his kindness and I want to thank you, for having Brenda's back, during her interview. If she were to lose her train of thought, we knew he would jump right in.

This has been a joy to my paws, to be able to share this tale with you.

Wishing you all golden blessings!


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