Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Tale of Longing...

Hi, Trevor here once again, to bring you our monthly blog post. It has been a busy month for Brenda, as she has been spreading awareness for arthritis and brain tumors.

It has now been twenty-five years, since she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). but she believes she has lived with it much longer.

She is almost an eight-year brain tumor survivor. She is already making plans for her next Craniversary, a word that is used instead of anniversary, as she had a craniotomy. I think if I would have had one of those, I would celebrate too. BOL

Arthritis is the #1 cause of disability in the United States. Brenda has defied the odds, as she is still working full time after twenty-five years. She will be celebrating twenty-eight years of being employed with the clinic, next Thursday. That is pretty pawsome in my book. BOL

She has been writing a great deal, as she has contributed to two books in the Grief Diaries Anthology Series. I don't like to brag, but she is also working on a book, where she will be a co-author. It's titled: "Living with a Brain Injury" and it's due for release this summer. Imagine, being able to share your own brain tumor journey with others and making a difference. Brenda certainly is.

I am so dog gone proud of Brenda and all that she is doing to spread awareness. She longs to be included in the chronic illness community. Something she feels very strongly about, hence the title for this tale.

Brenda choses to live her life with positivity. That seems to put some people off. She is in pain pretty much twenty-four seven, but you will not hear her complain about it all of the time. What is the point? Is it really going to help you feel better? No!

Brenda has to spend a lot of time alone. We are talking holidays too. Think that is easy? No! She makes the best out of all that is thrown at her. Lately, that has been a lot. She recently had her annual physical and some changes have taken place. If it were not enough to already deal with RA and the constant motion issues, then to have more things thrown at you.

She has had a stressful year and I guess it has finally caught up with her. She is back on blood pressure medication, as it has been high in the past few months. Brenda was sure, that was mentioned at the beginning of her visit. It is working, because on her next visit, it was taken and it was back to normal again. She is adjusting and at times, not feeling the greatest. She realizes it will take some time to get used to something new in her body.

They talked about it and some of it, could be the fact that she has gone through menopause and some other changes have taken place. She exercises, but weight is not as easy to take off. It's frustrating and something that she does not talk about much. What's the point really? She is exhausted so much of the time. Her fatigue issues have gotten much worse.

She had come to the conclusion, that she can only handle one thing to do, when she goes out. If that is shopping, so be it. If it is going out for coffee and maybe doing a little walking. No more of running around to several places, it just tires her out so.

If you don't live with chronic pain, then you truly do not understand what it is like. She describes it, as walking around dragging a ball and chain. We may have mentioned it before, but it certainly won't hurt, if we share it again.

Brenda does as much, if not more at times in spreading awareness. It seems that it does not get acknowledged or even something she has sent in, to even get shared. When you have limited energy already, this gets old pretty quick.

She knows where she is appreciated and therefore, some changes are going to be made, in where she will continue to share her support. That includes financial support as well.

She always hears this saying; "You are not alone." Not true, because so many times, she is.

That is where the longing comes in. We left it as something, for you to think about. Where would you like to belong and truly make a difference?

Brenda already knows, but would also like to be given a real chance at it.

We leave you with this; We all go through different struggles in life, so why can't we all come together and support one another, no matter what that might be? In joy or in pain, let's be there for one another.

This is Trevor, signing off. BOL