Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tale of Snow...

Hi, it's Trevor here, with our first blog post of the year. It has been a January to remember. First, Brenda celebrated another birthday. She picked a cold month to be born. Then we have all of this white stuff to deal with.

Snow is something that I really haven't seen a lot of, until this year. It looks likes caves in areas, where Brenda walks. She has been using her ice treads almost every day to get to work. It is icy underneath the snow, that it helps her stay safe. For those of you who are not familiar with ice treads, they slip underneath your shoe. You pull them across the whole shoe and then there is a Velcro strip to securely pull on the side of the shoe. Brenda keeps these on her shoes all of the time, as her hands with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) can make it difficult to manage. She carries another pair of shoes in her bag to wear.

I have wanted to get out there and play in the snow, but Brenda says it's too dangerous and cold. She tells me, that she hasn't even seen much of her golden friend, because of it being so cold.

I hardly see that much of Brenda when she gets bundled up in the mornings. BOL She wears a coat, that is nice and warm in the inside. She has a cap with a golden retriever on it. Why am I not surprised? BOL She has a hood and a scarf, that her mother crocheted for her over forty years ago, that she puts over her face, to keep that nasty frost bite away. She also has nice warm gloves, to keep hands nice and warm.

In our state of North Dakota, you could end up getting frost bite within 30 minutes or even 10, if it were even colder. We've had wind chills of at least -55° at times. The wind makes it the most miserable for walking. It depends a lot on the direction the wind is coming from.

We've had quite the winter already, and it is only January. Many of you are concerned with Brenda walking out in these cold temperatures. She is smart and knows when it is not safe to walk. She has even been able to manage some rides home from work.

She walks as much as possible, because it helps her remain mobile with her joints. She has had several people stop and offer her rides. Some she has accepted, as they are people who live on her street.

The snow is pretty to look at on the trees. We have even had some days with sun dogs. That means that the temperature is definitely cold. I like the name though. BOL

I have fur, but Brenda says there are days, that it is not even safe for man or beast to be out there. I'm not sure what that means, but she has my best interest at heart. I believe she has a golden one too. BOL

We thought we leave you with a photo, so you could get an idea, what it has been like.

Until next time, this is Trevor wanting to play in the snow. BOL


  1. Trevor that seems like a lot of snow for a dog to navigate in. Samantha (she has a crush on you) said no way is she living in North Dakota. She wonders if you own beach front property in Malibu?

  2. haha! I will be sure and share that with Trevor.