Saturday, March 25, 2017

Tale of a Brain Injury...

Hello, my fellow readers! Trevor here again, to share another exciting tale. It's National Brain Injury Awareness Month folks, so this particular post will be centered around that.

As you know, Brenda was co-author of a book last year, titled: Grief Diaries: Living with a Brain Injury. Lynda Cheldelin Fell, the founder of Grief Diaries and Brenda's friend, made a pawmazing pawnouncement this week. I am writing this blog, so I am putting some doggy lingo into it. BOL

This book was the first in the series, to now be named; Real Life Diaries: Living with a Brain Injury. A new cover was even created. We think this is really cool, with it being National Brain Injury Awareness Month.  You can still purchase it at Amazon. com. by clicking on the image, that you will find on our main blog page, and that will take you right to Brenda's author page. Lynda was kind enough to help Brenda get that set up, as this was all new to her.

Her friends at CreakyJoints, wanted to do a story on the book and here is that link, so you can check it out.

Brenda was also a guest on her friend, Rick Franzo's radio Internet show, Brain Tumor Talk: Worldwide Radio Show. Brenda shared about the Grief Diaries project, the book, her advocacy work and good old Trevor here, even got mentioned. That made my golden heart sing. BOL Rick is a good friend of ours and we wish him the best, with his new challenge of battling a third brain tumor. Benign, is a word that Brenda and Rick dislike so much. It can still be dangerous, because of location. I can hear Rick saying; "Location, location, location!" BOL Yes, I listen to the show too. In case you forgot what I look like, here I am. This photo was used in Brenda's first published blog post.
                                                       Trevor, The Tell Tale Dog

What an honor this has been for Brenda, to be a part of something much bigger, than her brain injury. Yes, Brenda does indeed live with one. It's called Frontal Lobe Syndrome and that is a result of where her brain tumor was located. The right frontal lobe or the high functioning part of the brain, can cause Brenda to become angry or brought to tears more quickly. It usually occurs when someone she loves or cares about is being wronged. It's also brought her much more empathy for others, and even herself.

Brain injuries are often invisible and that is why it is so hard for some to understand, the ramifications involved. Be gentle around those who experience one. Her kindred spirit who herself lives with a brain injury, bonded with Brenda. She sent her a book on the subject and also a green T-shirt with Brain Injury Awareness. Green is the awareness color for brain injuries. There are many types that are described in great detail in the book.

Please, if you know of someone who lives with a brain injury, this book will help them not to feel so alone on their journey. Brenda found with interacting with all of the writer's stories, that it really brought a lot of comfort and hope.

We don't want to give away the plot, so please order your copy today. It is also available on Kindle and that is also on Brenda's author page on Amazon.

While you are there you can also read Brenda's bio and subscribe to our blog. That would make me a very happy golden boy, BOL

Here's to all the brave ones who deal with brain injuries on a daily basis. Please, do not let them be forgotten. There are fighting as hard as than can and that includes Brenda.

We hope you take this tale to heart and share these facts with your friends. This is Trevor, wishing you love and happiness on your journeys.

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